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04.08.10 0


Todaaay, sheena came over to my house. We ate kare kare ;P Then, made smores by using the stove, lols. it was funn [x & thenn, we played w/ my lidduh cousin, aiannn! Then grandpa took us to meadows & brought clothes for presentation. hahah!

Boulevarddd * ahaaa, Mica’s whistling nose <3(x

04.07.10 0

never woulda noticed that ahaa, xP

03.31.10 3
that was unexpected..

one side of the fambam shouldn’t be so ehh separated? after what happened tonight. /: Even though I don’t know the whole story about what happened between them yet, I hope everything gets better cos it’s been affecting everyone. Forgive&forget the past? maybe that’s the best way to solve it hmm<3

03.29.10 0

My grandparents made me want to be with someone in the future for 75+ years. d; I found out yesterday when I visited them that they’ve been together for that long & my grandma said, ‘Magpakailan man, hindi ko kayang iwanan ang tatang mo.’ (I can never leave your grandpa.)  <3

03.24.10 1